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Gigóia Island and 7 islands to live in Brazil

Check out these 8 incredible islands to live in in the states of Brazil and learn more about them!

fernando de noronha brasil
Fernando de Noronha - Recife - PE

Among the countless incredible destinations to visit in Brazil, we cannot fail to mention the national islands. They have a paradisiacal setting and a cozy atmosphere, which allows you to relax, rest and get in touch with nature.

There are important and well-structured cities that fit into this geographic classification, ranging from capitals to quiet places.

The fact of living in Rio de Janeiro already allows the person to live close to one of these points, there are some popularly inhabited islands such as Ilha do Governador, Ilha Grande, Ilha de Paquetá or Ilha da Gigóia which we will discuss in more detail below.

ilha grande rio de janeiro
Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

There are beautiful islands that delight tourists spread throughout the national territory. The Portal da Ilha da Gigóia has prepared a very complete list of the main islands in Brazil where you can live and enjoy the holiday atmosphere all year round.




Fernando de Noronha - Pernambuco

ilha fernando de noronha
Ilha de fernando de Noronha - Pernanbuco

Perhaps the most famous Brazilian island, Fernando de Noronha, located in the capital of Pernambuco, Recife, has a lot to offer tourists. Praia do Sancho is a true landmark of beauty, having already been voted the most beautiful beach on the planet four times. In addition to the natural beauty, the island also has fantastic structures that are worth a visit, such as Forte Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and Forte da Praia de Atalaia.

While diving on the beaches you can get an exact idea of ​​the marine diversity of the place, whilst also taking advantage of the excellent water temperature.

Ilha Comprida - São Paulo

ilha comprida são paulo
Ilha Comprida - São paulo

Located on the South Coast, 207 km from the capital São Paulo, the city of Ilha Comprida is one of the most coveted by the state's inhabitants for surfing, fishing, enjoying a sunny day on holidays and also for living.

One of the best beaches in São Paulo, its name is self-explanatory due to its geographical formation. To access it, you can use the Iguape Bridge by car or take a ferry. Take the opportunity to also visit Ilha do Cardoso, a preserved area that is in the same region.

Ilha da Gigóia

ilha da gigoia rio de janeiro
Ilha da Gigóia - Rio de Janeiro

Ilha da Gigóia, located in the heart of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, better known as Venice Carioca, is located in the middle of an ecosystem little seen in the region. With its exuberant preserved nature, our Carioca Pantanal is an environmental reserve and is home to a great diversity of species belonging to this biome, such as capybaras, large birds, alligators, among others.

Boat trips around Gigóia Island and the entire Marapendi Reserve are very popular with tourists throughout the year. It's a unique experience, where you get up close to the animals, can relax in contact with nature, as well as taking great selfies. You can schedule a collective tour or charter a boat.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes that enchant everyone, Ilha da Gigóia has an excellent location, in an upscale neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. It is close to the subway, BRT, bus stops, shopping malls and with a 10-minute walk you can reach Praia do Pepê and Quebramar, in Barra da Tijuca.

Ilha da Gigóia is also a good opportunity if you are looking for a quiet home with great value for money. There are many condominiums with exclusive decks, where you can find houses, apartments and kitchenettes with prices well below the region. Furthermore, on the island you will find everything you need, markets, shops, pharmacies, etc.

One of the main reasons to live in Ilha da Gigóia is the ZERO violence rate in Rio de Janeiro, which unfortunately is a metropolitan center known for high crime rates in its neighborhoods.

Transfer from the mainland to the island is done exclusively by punts (boats) or boat taxis from various cooperatives and the journey takes no more than 5 minutes to the main entrance deck. The ticket price is between R$3.00 and R$15.00 depending on which deck you will be staying on. Residents pay a slightly lower amount.

On weekends and holidays the number of tourists increases considerably and the famous restaurants on the edge of the Jacarépaguá Lagoon are very lively, some with live music until late.

It's well worth the trip with a local guide, taking a complete tour of the entire interior of Gigóia Island, getting to know its history, shops, famous houses, artistic panels, restaurants with swings facing the lagoon that make for incredible photos!

Accommodation varies between inns, hotels and hostels, with private suites and collective room options. Some of these places offer breakfast, views of the lagoon, have swimming pools, lounge areas, etc. on their facilities. Many of these spaces also rent out for private parties and events.

São Luís do Maranhão - Maranhão

são luis do maranhão
São Luiz do Maranhão - Maranhão

São Luís do Maranhão is another national capital that is located on one of the Brazilian islands. It is a structured place for housing and a very romantic destination for holidays, so much so that it is known as the “Island of Love”.

The city has a very hot and humid climate. The highway that connects the city to the mainland and the rest of the state is BR-135, and sea transport is not necessary to access it.

In addition to the beaches, such as the beautiful Ponta D'Areia and São Marcos, an interesting itinerary is to visit the Historic Center, considered a World Heritage Site since 1997, which has 4 thousand buildings from the Brazilian colonial period, made with traces and is also worth a visit to the imposing Palácio dos Leões, a French building from 1612 that is the seat of the State Government.

Florianópolis - Santa Catarina

florianópolis santa catarina
Florianópolis - Santa Catarina

The capital of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, once had its territory entirely continental, but the island was formed due to the rise in sea level, where the main beaches of Florianópolis are located and also all of the city's infrastructure for tourism with several options of leisure and also for living.

Among the beaches to visit, one of the most recommended is Joaquina, which has hosted world surfing championships and where it is possible to practice extreme sports such as sandboarding; Praia dos Ingleses on the north end of the island, Lagoa da Conceição, a saltwater lagoon, popular for windsurfing and boat excursions.

The Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge connects the island to the mainland commercial area. Considered the most sustainable capital in the country, this beautiful city has incredible and paradisiacal beauty, it is a great place to live, with quality and high life expectancy, as well as safety and perfect infrastructure. The economy also stands out significantly, Florianópolis is among the 50 Brazilian municipalities with the greatest economic power;

Boipeba - Bahia

ilha de boipeba bahia
Boipeba - Bahia

For those looking for peace, Ilha de Boipeba, in Bahia, is a dream destination. It has paradisiacal and deserted beaches, as well as beautiful nature, a setting that is made even more cozy by the small fishing villages that surround the place, giving it a rustic charm.

The good thing is that tourists can enjoy both the natural pools, which are created by the Rio do Inferno, and the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is still possible to take boat trips to discover the natural wonders of the region.

Ilha do Mel - Paraná

ilha do mel paraná
Ilha do Mel - Paraná

Located on the coast of Paraná, Ilha do Mel is one of the most charming in Brazil. There, the circulation of vehicles is not allowed, a factor that helps to preserve nature and enhance the sounds of the environment.

One of the advantages of the location is that most of its tourist attractions are free to visit. This is the case of the Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, the Gruta das Encantadas and the Farol das Conchas. Not to mention that the beaches have warm water, unlike anything visitors have ever seen and experienced.

Vitória - Espírito Santo

vitoria espirito santo
Vítoria - Espirito Santo

The city of Espírito Santo is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, in southeastern Brazil. It is surrounded by Vitória Bay and the Santa Maria, Bubu, Marinho and Aribiri rivers, and its geography includes islands, coves, slopes, mangroves and beaches, making tourism in the destination even more special, especially for tourists arriving at the destination. plane and can be dazzled by every detail from above.

The island was a strategic location for the defense of the continent and around 1551. In the first 300 years of its history, Vitória was a port village, having faced the French and English for sugar and brazilwood.

Vitória is one of the three capital islands in Brazil and the main one in the metropolitan region, which encompasses the municipalities of Vila Velha, Serra, Fundão, Guarapari, among others. In the capital of Espírito Santo is the Jardim Camburi neighborhood, the largest in the state and is affectionately called a city neighborhood, with everything you could need.

The second oldest capital in the country has cozy parks, but also has an excellent educational and real estate infrastructure, with daycare centers, schools, colleges and residences. The neighborhood is still close to the airport.

The growth of business tourism encouraged the improvement of service infrastructure, such as new hotels and restaurants, in addition to increasing leisure options, without taking away its charm. The city leads in development and IDHM rankings, being one of the best in the country to live and educate your children.

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