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Gigoia Island Restaurants

Discover the best restaurants in Barra da Tijuca, choose yours and we'll make your reservation.

The Mediterranean Gastronomy simple with a de  refinement, cordial service and the stunning landscape of Ilha da Gigóia conspire to make your trip complete!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-186bad5cf5d5cf5d  

The restaurant offers a pet-friendly garden that also includes a space for smokers.

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restaurante barato barra da tijuca

Homemade food with excellent seasoning, super high-spirited place, with Vegan options.

Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants for your meal on Ilha da Gigóia with a great cost benefit.

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Bar and restaurant with lacart dishes and snacks.

Portions and a complete lunch with emphasis on grilled fish, as well as sushi and sashimi options, cold beer in the simple atmosphere of Ilha da Gigóia.

The atmosphere is super nice, spacious, rustic, with piped music and pool tables.

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Akbar Capa 2

Exclusive beauty restaurant, Italian cuisine and ambiance.

Great option on Idaughter da Gigóia, with light pastas, well served dishes and pricesthe righteous.

The sweet potato gnocchi with roasted meat sauce is from the gods.

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Half of the restaurant is suspended over a deck in the waters of Lagoa da Tijuca, with an all-Brazilian decor. There are old pictures from thrift stores, typical Manueline furniture from the 1950s, which give a retro, rustic and also sophisticated touch.

The space also has a kitchen reminiscent of those of our old grandmothers with a beautiful view of the Gávea and Itanhangá stones that skirt Rio around Ilha da Gigóia.

Restaurante Gigóia.png

 “ The best of Bahia here!”

Acarajé, Vegan dishes, Seafood, Homemade ice cream, Traditional or Vegan Pizza, Snacks, 

a delicious cocada and a Gluten-free Brownie and many other delicacies in this charming restaurant    in the interior of Ilha da Gigóia!

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Deck Bar Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia

Deck Bar & Restaurant is the ideal place for the best moments of celebration, leisure and romance.

They are available to serve you and your whole family with the best service on Ilha da Gigóia and a top cuisine.

In addition to offering a lot of entertainment with live music and drinks specially developed by renowned bartenders.

Ilha Gourmet Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia_edited.jpg

The Brazilian and Japanese cuisine menu provides tasty food at this restaurant, as well as delicious pizzas.

With live music on weekends and cold draft beer, fun is guaranteed on the busiest street on Ilha da Gigóia.

Beach House Gigóia is a place with an incredible vibe, where you can spend the day enjoying the most beautiful sunset on Ilha da Gigóia, savoring the delights of this restaurant, having a drink or even staying in one of the incredible themed rooms.

Located in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, surrounded by a lot of nature, in a region known as the Rio Pantanal.

Bar Caiçara Ilha da Gigóia
Cais Bar Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia

Seafood Restaurant

A relaxed and welcoming bar and restaurant with a terrace overlooking the canal and a fish menu with regional dishes.

Ótimo local para fotos de paisagem e cenários da        _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Ilha da Gigóia

Installed on the edge of Ilha da Gigoia, a noble and peaceful spot, Gioia Cucina Italiana is a very pleasant and charming restaurant.

Closely monitored by Maria Rita, owner of the establishment, she makes a point of visiting all the tables, conveying her friendliness and concern for good service.

With an impeccable and very efficient service team, Goia Cucina Italiana prepares the best dishes that mix traditional Mediterranean cuisine with the Fit line, under the tutelage and supervision of Chef Nicola.

A perfect space, a dream location and with all the infrastructure you need!

Gioia Cucina Italiana Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia
OCYÁ Restautrante Ilha da Gigóia

The sea that feeds us.
Chef @geronimoathuel

An invitation to explore the deepest sensations.

The great purpose of this restaurant on the coast of Ilha da Gigóia is to reframe the relationship between human beings and nature with conscious practices and connect you to the world of the sea and selective local fishing, a practice rooted in local communities, flooded with history, traditions and cultural richness .

Our fishing is low-scale, selective and conscious. We take only what we are going to eat from the sea, minimizing the environmental impacts caused by industrial fishing.

Laguna is a select restaurant surrounded by the vibrant vegetation of Ilha da Gigóia. 

Customers will embark on a short and pleasant boat trip to the Island, where the exuberant nature overlooking Pedra da Gávea and Lagoa da Barra, highlights a peaceful, rustic and charming environment in the gardens with thatched roof.

Since 2002, Laguna has been recognized for its romantic atmosphere and its excellent handmade seafood cuisine, classic drinks based on the fascinating life story of the German Christian Haupt, in a charming and welcoming space.

Perfect place to enjoy and relax.

Laguna Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia
Maracuyá da Ilha Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia

Peruvian Cuisine, Contemporary e South American

Excellent restaurant, tasty dishes, tasty pastries, very cold beer, cozy, stunning view, affordable prices, polite and attentive staff.

A good place to spend a late afternoon with friends and family on Ilha da Gigóia.

  Delicious dessert with meringue and dulce de leche. 

Ilha das Garças - Barra da Tijuca

Cold beer and well-crafted drinks!

Well-prepared food in generous portions, served quickly and at fair prices.

Super attentive waiters and waiters.

Pleasant place and with the fantastic sunset of Ilha da Gigóia in a Pet-friendly space!!

Live music at the right volume!

Also noteworthy is the character Pirate, well dressed, super polite and who serves everyone in the restaurant with great sympathy!!! 

Ilha Pirata Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia

A large, simple, clean and airy restaurant, Badi's Self-Service has captive customers after nine years dedicated to serving.

Friday has feijoada, Monday is carré or chicken with sauce, and many delicacies every day, with breathtaking desserts.


On Saturdays, the food takes on an air of finesse, catering to the many tourists who commonly visit Ilha da Gigóia, among others from other places in Barra da Tijuca.

Badi Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia
Empadaria Santiago Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia

Full breakfast, with cold cuts, fruits, juices, yogurt, snacks and the flagship that are the vseveral options of flavors of divine pies.

Everything is self-made and made with lots of love by this old family from Ilha da Gigóia!

A cozy place, wonderful service, the super attentive owner, great at making caipirinhas!

They also have hamburgers and hot ones, very filling and with a taste of homemade food, like that of a mother..

Everything is done with great care.

Prices are super fair and tables are available.

Restaurante Sabor do Nordeste is the new gastronomic point of Ilha da Gigóia!

With an incredibly creative and cheerful decoration that highlights the beauties of our Northeast!

The atmosphere is very lively with live forró and impeccable cuisine, in addition to the wonderful view of Pedra da Gávea and Lagoa da Barra.

P21 Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia


The new trend is the sunflower swing at P21 Bay Beach Lounge facing this beautiful view of Ilha da Gigóia, in Barra da Tijuca!

It is a rare gem in Rio de Janeiro's culinary scene.

The cuisine is inspired by locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant serves a variety of foods, from delicious feijoada, fish moqueca to huge shrimp or, if you prefer, delicious shrimp, meat and cheese pastries, among other snacks.



The new trend is the sunflower swing at P21 Bay Beach Lounge facing this beautiful view of Ilha da Gigóia, in Barra da Tijuca!

It is a rare gem in Rio de Janeiro's culinary scene.

The cuisine is inspired by locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant serves a variety of foods, from delicious feijoada, fish moqueca to huge shrimp or, if you prefer, delicious shrimp, meat and cheese pastries, among other snacks.

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