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Gigóia Island and other paradisiacal islands in Rio de Janeiro

Discover some of the paradisiacal islands to visit in Rio de Janeiro.

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

The state of Rio de Janeiro, in the Southeast region of the country, is home to immeasurable ecological diversity that is reflected in its archipelagos of islands along the entire coast. Today, many of these refuges have become popular tourist attractions.

Its coast with lush fauna and flora hides paradisiacal islands, some better known, others less mentioned by the media, such as Gigóia Island, becoming a corner of peace and tranquility amidst nature.

Located in different coastal cities, the islands of Rio de Janeiro offer high-quality tourist tours, from hiking, diving, underwater fishing, boat trips, speedboats and jet skis, among other water sports that are very popular among tourists, especially in summer. .

The Portal da Ilha da Gigóia has separated for you a list of the top paradisiacal islands in the state of Rio de Janeiro, from the Lagos Region to Costa Verde, for you to discover and maybe even plan your next trip!




Ilha da Gigóia - Lagoa de Jacarépaguá

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Ilha da Gigóia is part of the Lagoa da Tijuca preservation area, which maintains the existing biodiversity in our Carioca Pantanal, such as capybaras and yellow-spotted caimans. Boat trips around the archipelago are very popular on weekends and leave tourists in love with contact with the nature of this lagoon complex so close to the urban center. In addition to its exuberant fauna and flora, Ilha da Gigóia has shops, restaurants, accommodation and event spaces facing the lagoon, where tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Ilha de Paquetá e Ilha Fiscal - Baía de Guanabara

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

The Island of Paquetá, known as the Island of Loves, Pérola da Guanabara and Jardim dosdados is a tourist neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, it looks like it came out of a period film, it has charm in every corner and stands out for its tranquility, where no The use of cars is permitted and transportation is done by carts or bicycles.

To visit the Island, you need to take a ferry from Praça XV, in the center of Rio, with the 70-minute journey itself being one of the attractions of the tour.

Another small island that deserves attention is Ilha Fiscal, close to Praça XV, being one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. This island is famous for having hosted the famous Ilha Fiscal ball and today the temporary exhibitions that tell about the participation of the Brazilian Navy in the country's economic and social development are attractions.

Ilhas Cagarras e Ilhas Tijucas - Baía de Guanabara

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

The Cagarras Islands and the Tijucas Islands are oceanic islands, that is, in the open sea, outside the bay, on the coast directly bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Tijucas Islands can be seen from Barra da Tijuca beach while the Cagarras are in front of Pedra do Arpoador, and can be clearly seen from that location or from Ipanema Beach.

The Cagarras Islands Archipelago (a set of three islands and two islets) became an environmental preservation unit and make up the Cagarras Natural Monument, which is considered an area of ​​great ecological importance with environmental conservation projects and biologists monitoring it. It allows amateur fishing and ecotourism in a sustainable way.

It is a biodiversity refuge that is home to endemic and threatened species, an archaeological site, a migratory corridor for humpback whales, many dolphins, turtles and is inhabited by large birds such as frigate birds and boobies.

The Tijucas Islands Archipelago is made up of several islands, including Meio Island, which is closest to São Conrado but is well visible from Barra da Tijuca, Ilha da Alfavaca, Pontuda and Lajes da Tijuca.

These islands are also highly sought after by divers and photographers due to the fact that they have excellent visibility of the Rio coast and at the same time a rich marine fauna.

Ilha Grande - Angra dos Reis

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Ilha Grande is an island in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by beaches, covered by the Atlantic Forest and crossed by winding trails. On the southeast shore, the extensive Praia de Lopes Mendes, lined with palm trees, is known for its waves suitable for surfing.

Lagoa Azul, in the north of the island, has protected waters full of fish.

On the northeast coast, Vila do Abraão has the Church of São Sebastião, from the 19th century.

The place receives intense movement of tourists looking for campsites and inns.

Ilha Cataguás - Angra dos Reis

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Cataguás Island is certainly the most paradisiacal island in the Angra dos Reis archipelago.

With a truly Caribbean appearance, the island, among the others in the region, is the closest to Angra, that is, to the mainland.

It gives the impression that you can walk forever through the water, like a swimming pool integrated into the sea of ​​crystal clear waters!

It is ideal for those who want to dive, see several beautiful corals, fish and turtles.

Ilhas Tropicais de Itacuruçá - Mangaratiba

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

The islands are environmental preservation areas on the Costa Verde and cannot be accessed by the public. The tour is just around the islands, enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Its area is suitable for fishing, sea bathing, water sports and also ecotourism, in an environment that offers hiking along climbing trails and medium-level descents.

Ilha do Cedro - Paraty

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

It is one of the largest native islands in the state of Rio de Janeiro, offering a wider strip of sand and a longer beach with calm and very clear waters.

The view of the continent is beautiful, with the Serra da Bocaína mountains framing the landscape. To the right of those looking at the continent, there is access to a short trail (less than 5 minutes), which leads to the natural pools of Ilha do Cedro. Unmissable!

Ilha do Japonês - Cabo Frio

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Ilha do Japonês is an ecological paradise with calm and shallow waters, ideal for relaxing, within the Costa do Sol State Park, located in the city of Cabo Frio, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Despite being known as an island, it is, in fact, a natural croa. It received its name due to the Japanese whaling ships that used the site.

Ilha do Papagaio - Cabo frio

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

A large island, right in front of Forte São Matheus, in the corner of Praia do Forte in Cabo Frio. Easy to reach by boat, speedboat or jet ski.

It brings together the most accessible and sheltered diving spots in the region.

Its waters are incredibly blue and crystal clear green.

Arquipélago de Sant'Ana - Macaé

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Santana is a Brazilian archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean eight kilometers off the coast of Macaé, coast of Rio de Janeiro, formed by the islands of Santana, Francês and the South Islet. The beaches, lagoons, mountains and hills are known as the Brazilian Caribbean of Macaé, preserved, with incredibly clean beaches and completely crystal clear sea.

Considered a little explored ecological sanctuary, the Sant’ Ana Archipelago is home to some species of birds that migrate from North America in the winter, a spectacle in itself is observing nature in its natural habitat.

Ilha do Costa - Rio das Ostras

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

The island is very close to the coast, close to the coast of Praia Virgem, but access is only possible by boat... or kayak! The island is well preserved and has no infrastructure.

Crystal clear and calm waters, with a small strip of sand and many rocks that also hide beautiful natural pools...

Ilha do Farol - Arraial do Cabo

ilhas paradisiacas para visitar rio de janeiro

Arraial do Cabo, in the Lagos Region, is known for having the most beautiful natural scenery in Brazil and its favorite is Praia do Farol, where you can see dolphins, turtles, stingrays and even orcas!

It became even more famous after being classified by INPE (National Institute for Space Research) as one of the most perfect beaches in the country, following criteria of water purity, sand quality and landscape. The water color and transparency are impressive!

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