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How to get to Ilha da Gigóia

Find out how to get to Ilha da Gigóia, access by subway, BRT, bus, Uber, Buser and boat, choose the best option.

There are many ways to get to Ilha da Gigóia. From Recreio dos Bandeirantes to the beginning of Barra da Tijuca there are decks where you can take a taxi boat to go to the island along almost the entire Avenida das Américas, for example close to Barra Shopping and Shopping Downtown.

Mapa Ilha da Gigóia

The most common accesses are close to the subway station and Brt Jardim Oceânico, where there is even a boat stop that takes you to Ilha da Gigóia at the back of one of the subway exits towards Lagoa. The region has a large number of bus lines coming from different places in Rio de Janeiro and also points of transport companies such as Buser bringing tourists from various parts of Brazil and stopping right in front of one of the accesses to Ilha da Gigóia in the Nutta James Terminal, next to the Condado de Cascais Building.

Main Entrance to Ilha da Gigóia

Just ahead of the subway, between the Shell gas station and Unimed, there is the main entrance to Ilha da Gigóia, which is the most economical, made by wooden chalanas driven by boatmen from the island, where many residents and tourists cross daily. every ten minutes until midnight, after this time only one vessel is available until sunrise at 6 am.

Entrada da Ilha da Gigóia
Entrada Principal entre Unimed e Posto Shell

Another very nice point to take the boat is on the beach of Barra da Tijuca at the height of Quebra Mar, after a beach in the morning taking the taxi boat in the division of the sea with the lagoon is always an adventure of beautiful landscapes ending with the sunset Sol da Ilha da Gigóia, one of the most charming in Rio de Janeiro.

Main access decks to Ilha da Gigóia

Arriving at Ilha da Gigóia can be done on several of the decks scattered around the island or directly at the houses, restaurants and spaces overlooking the lagoon, depending on your destination. There are many public access decks, among them the most accessed is the one at the main entrance. Deck do Júlio also receives many tourists and stands out for having a beautiful view upon arrival with lots of nature around the beautiful deck and panels of paintings by local artists and guests.

Post do nosso Instagram Deck do Júlio as 5 da manhã

Another very busy deck is that of Caiçaras, which, in addition to being close to restaurants, is also a crossing point for the Deck of Cicero on Ilha Primeira and other neighboring islands of Gigóia. The Beco do Rato Deck is another access option to the island used by many residents and although it is not as beautiful as the ones mentioned above, it is no less important, as it leaves you very close to shops, including being used as a loading and unloading access by local merchants.

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List of all decks in Ilha da Gigóia

* Subway deck is located behind Jardim Oceânico station, lagoon exit, where you can take a taxi boat to any of these public or private decks. * Deck Unimed is the main access for tourists and residents with the crossing made by barges to the main Deck of the Island. * Main deck on the island is the busiest in an average crossing of 1 minute leaving you on the main street Alameda Dalton Barreto, where you can find the main shops. * Beco das Artes Deck is located on Alameda das Mangueiras, it is the first right when coming from the Main Deck. * Deck dos Colibris gives access to Alameda dos Colibris that ends in front of the children's playground, on the corner with the main street Alameda Dalton Barreto. * Beco do Rato deck widely used by merchants for loading and unloading, leaving in the middle of the island next to the grocery store and other businesses. * Deck Caiçaras is often used for crossings by residents to Ilha Primeira and by tourists looking for restaurants. * Deck do Júlio is one of the most beautiful decks and is widely used by tourists and locals for leisure time, photos and reviews. * Deck at Alameda Dr. Sebastião de Aquino is rarely used because it has a narrow bank for boats to enter, making access difficult. It is on the opposite side of the Island's Main Deck. * Deck at Alameda das Rosas is also little used as it is far from shops.

Map of public decks on Ilha da Gigóia

Decks da Ilha da Gigóia

Mapa dos decks da Ilha da Gigóia

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