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Ilha da Gigóia: cheap restaurants in Barra da Tijuca

Restaurants with cheap meals, executive dishes, self-service without scales and dishes made on a paradise island in Barra da Tijuca.

restaurante barato barra da tijuca
Restaurante Sabor do Nordeste

Anyone who thinks that there are only expensive restaurants in Barra da Tijuca is wrong. In the center of Barra it is possible to take a two-minute boat crossing and visit different restaurants with varied menus and prices.

It is true that some of the restaurants on Ilha da Gigóia are renowned and charge a lot for special dishes on the weekends, but what not everyone knows is that during the week most of these gastronomic establishments serve cheap food to meet the demand from Monday to Friday. and earn money from the Jardim Oceânico corporate movement.

Accessing the Island through the main deck you will soon come across the Sabor do Nordeste Restaurant with a view of the lagoon and typical decor, where you can have cheap executive dishes for lunch and also has a different northeastern menu if you prefer.

prato executivo barato ilha da gigoia

A little further on you will have other cheap dining options at Cantinho da Gigóia, Akbar, Bar do Elson and Ilha Gourmet, all very close to each other on the main street. On the menu of these restaurants you will find dishes made (PF) with grilled chicken, breaded chicken, parmigiana, fish, meat, all accompanied by rice, beans, farofa and French fries.

Many of these restaurants serve hot and self-service dishes, as well as executive dishes. On the island we have a guesthouse option, Badi, with self-service without scales, where for the cost of R$18.00 you can choose from several options of side dishes, salads and two proteins. If you want to eat at home, the price for a hot meal is R$22.00. The menu is varied, each day a different delight with 4 protein options, several types of side dishes with a special homemade taste and several salad and sauce options.

self-service barato barra da tijuca

In addition to the restaurants, the island's residents themselves sell hot meals and lunch boxes, advertising them in social media groups or on signs on their doors.

The vast majority of these restaurants also offer delivery services, delivering by bicycle only within Ilha da Gigóia and neighboring islands.

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