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Ilha da Gigóia: The Best Boat Trip in Barra da Tijuca RJ 2023

Boat trips around Ilha da Gigóia, Lagoa Marapendi, Praia da Reserva, Praia dos Amores, Quebra Mar and Tijucas Islands.

Are you looking for a relaxing and fun boat trip? Get to know the Marvelous City better and enjoy another tourist spot located in Lagoa Barra da Tijuca: Ilha da Gigóia and the surroundings of Lagoa da Tijuca.

These are the perfect places for you to walk with friends and family, contemplating nature, bordering the islands, passing through the Jacaré Channel, where we can observe the fauna with many birds, capybaras and alligators, of course!

Companies organize various nautical routes on the islands, lagoons, sea and corners of Barra da Tijuca. You can choose a day, night, sea or lagoon boat trip, shared tours with a scheduled itinerary or you can customize the program, and choose beyond tourism, such as birthday parties, happy hour with music and even weddings on the boats.

Research and understand what can be seen on your tour on our Boat Tour page and catch a glimpse of the fauna and flora of this extraordinary lagoon.

Comfort, safety and professionalism of native sailors with wisdom in the local historical context, trained, quality vessels, well maintained and with fixed and standardized rates, in addition to several attractions that will offer you the best and unforgettable trips to your day, providing confidence, joy and tranquility, at your disposal during the time of destination safely, bringing you the best that the region has to offer.

The tours are for all ages. Safe, quiet and with experienced sailors and up-to-date documentation. In general, children under 6 years old do not pay and over 6 up to 12 pay half price. Call family and friends, it's much more fun and guarantees excellent discounts for larger groups!

The various vessels are fully safe, inspected and regularized by the Brazilian Navy, consisting of life jackets, buoys, fire extinguishers, qualified sailors and specialists in salvage. There are specific vessels and capacities for each type of event.

You can also hire a tour guide who will inform you about the local fauna and flora, take breaks to see alligators, birds, capybaras, enjoy nature and watch the sunset, which yields wonderful photos. The tour continues until very close to Barra beach, passing under the bridge that gives access to the Joá tunnel. Some give benefits of restaurant and bar reservations and complimentary restaurant rounds. The tour of Ilha da Gigóia does not depend on the weather, which makes it easy to plan and schedule in advance without surprises.

Even American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoyed a personalized tour when he was here. Welcome aboard!

Best Options for Boat Trips in Barra da Tijuca

Our Carioca Pantanal! You can get very close to the Jacaré do Papo Amarelo and other species in the region, going around islands and passing through channels in the region of Ilha da Gigóia. Have lunch in a restaurant with a beautiful view and enjoy the landscape facing the lagoon.

Duration: 30 to 50 minutes Recommendations: Repellent and Camera

For those who like to enjoy with friends, a cold one, listening to their favorite music in a paradisiacal area of ​​Jardim Oceânico, celebrate by diving and taking incredible photos, since with the right tide we are talking about crystal clear waters!

Duration: 50 minutes to 1:20h (round trip) Recommendations: Swimwear, Camera and Sunscreen

Enjoy the comfort of nature for those of you who love sailing. Learn a little about the history of Jardim Oceânico by enjoying 9km of canals and beautiful landscapes until you reach the charms of Lagoa de Marapendi and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Duration: 2h to 2:30h Recommendations: Repellent and Camera

Leaving from Lagoa da Tijuca. You, family and friends will travel 9km of canals to Lagoa de Marapendi and then enjoy a pleasant swim at Praia da Reserva.

Duration: 4h Recommendations: Swimwear, Camera, Sunscreen and Repellent.

Do continente às ilhas.

Famosas por suas formações rochosas e o encanto de estar em mar aberto.

Veja o Rio de Janeiro de um novo horizonte e curta essa ilhas em alto-mar.

Normalmente, a partir de 6 anos.

Duration: 4h Recommendations: Bathing suit, Camera, Sunscreen

Night Boat Tour Ilha da Gigóia

Discover also the night tours and browse enjoying a sound by having your own party or event. To make a reservation, you must contact us informing: Day, Hours, Number of people, Model of tour or event and Route/destination in our form HERE.

Are you going to visit Ilha da Gigóia? We have Tour Packages or assemble your combo HERE. Get to know the Restaurants, Lodgings, Boat Trips, Guided Tours and Space for Rental and Events on Ilha da Gigóia. Receive information, restaurant coupons, events and tours on Ilha da Gigóia by subscribing to our email list at the bottom of the site. Don't forget to follow our Instagram oquefazernagigoia and stay on top of all the news!


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