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What to do on Ilha da Gigóia 2023

Find out how to make the most of your visit to Ilha da Gigóia! Tours, restaurants, accommodation, events and other tips.

Ilha da Gigóia is an islet in Lagoa da Tijuca, in the so-called lagoon complex of Barra da Tijuca, which also includes the lagoons of Jacarepaguá, Camorim, Marapendi, among others, in the West Zone, but it looks more like a parallel universe full of good vibes , it doesn't even feel like you're in Rio de Janeiro.

It is more rustic than luxurious, it is also known as the Venice of Carioca. If you can avoid the weekend days, when the island is usually well visited, you can enjoy an even more intimate and interesting atmosphere!

Ilha da Gigóia

In a neighborhood made for cars, the relief starts when you find a place where there are no motor vehicles. If you have a car, you can park it at Shopping Barra Point, which is close to the ferry boarding point. More information on the How to Get to Ilha da Gigóia page.

Boat trip to Ilha da Gigóia

The value of the boat crossing varies between R$2.00 and R$10.00, depending on your destination. To make the most of it and take a complete tour of the surroundings, it is better to arrange it in advance with the boatman or even schedule your tour in advance. To return, just go to one of the decks on the island and wait for a boat or call one of several cooperatives, which will take you to the starting point. It is currently possible to pay for Pix.

Restaurante Ilha da Gigóia
Restaurante à beira da Lagoa

Ilha da Gigóia is one of those little treasures that many cariocas don't know about, but that doesn't mean it's empty on weekends and holidays. If you go there on one of these days and make a point of going to a specific restaurant, it is advisable to arrive early or try to reserve a table. Between green hills covered by Atlantic forest and the green of the waters, some of the best restaurants in Rio are hidden! Ideal for celebrations or year-end events with co-workers, for example. The main entrance to these restaurants is through the lagoon.

Tips for your visit to Ilha da Gigóia

It's the perfect destination for your trip or for an unforgettable day trip! You can get to know the whole island in half an hour, cute corners with handicrafts, artistic manifestations and lots of Nature!

It is advisable to use sunscreen, flat and comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes, to facilitate the walk through the streets without shoes and the up-and-down boats. If you're going to stay there in the late afternoon, I think it's worth taking a repellent. It is also not a good idea to use a stroller on the site because the streets are very narrow and have uneven pavement. There are many cute kittens in the alleys and dogs are allowed in some restaurants (pet friendly).

There is also the Comida di Buteco festival with award-winning restaurants, perfect for a post-beach afternoon, but it’s also too much to stretch out and enjoy the events that take place there at night. The Fair is another tip of what to do on Ilha da Gigóia. It takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. It used to happen every 15 days but recently it started to happen every weekend. They also offer a drawing workshop for children and have a recently renovated playground. I just recommend avoiding rainy days as it is not covered.

If you don't know Ilha da Gigóia, you'll probably need help finding access through the "back door" of some restaurants, but the locals are generally very helpful and will show you the way, or even accompany you around the island. There are several colorful signs asking residents and visitors not to leave trash. Collaborate to preserve the place! The city of Rio collects garbage on the island on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, passing through the streets and restaurants and loading everything on rafts to bring the garbage to the mainland. On a weekend you can enjoy the interior climate, check out more fun cafes and bars, get to know the surrounding islands and do water sports there.

Balanço Ilha da Gigóia

The beauty of its shoreline is undeniable, drinks that made the bars of Ilha da Gigóia famous, a great place to walk with the family, take beautiful pictures on swings with a beautiful sunset and activities for those who like sports and for those who enjoy art. Contact with nature is constant. And the fun in the bars also with delicacies served in the restaurants. An interesting itinerary for the weekend is to arrive on Friday after work and leave on Sunday after lunch: see where to stay.

Itinerary for your weekend on Ilha da Gigóia

Friday arrive at sunset and be the last to leave! The bar facing the Lagoon serves elaborate drinks to the sound of a live band. On Saturdays, you can have fun at clubs that offer the day use option and provide equipment for water sports. In the late afternoon, it's worth checking out the fair and admiring the artistic panels on the walls along the way. Saturday night the animation continues in bars and restaurants. The menu has seafood as its main focus, but you'll find everything! For the more lively ones, later there's more night with shows and live music.

Sunday is perfect for a boat trip with a tour guide who can tell you the stories and curiosities not only about Ilha da Gigóia but also the biome found in the surroundings and houses of well-known personalities. The tour with a local guide can extend to a cultural journey by land to show you every corner so you can take pictures of the landscape and post amazing selfies. Regarding the security of the place, it is considered quite safe, even at night, as the exclusive access by boat prevents robberies and thefts. Connectivity is not a problem, Ilha da Gigóia has cabling from the main operators, with telephone and internet signal, in addition to several places with Wi-Fi.

Hotel Pousada Ilha da Gigóia

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